Privacy Note

We do not sell or share any employee data, except as specified as per the UPSers privacy policy. To give the collection and delivery services, we pass the shipping data to third parties, for instance, sender, receiver, payer, and receiver.

The UPSers also share individual data with third parties who administer services on the firm’s behalf, in accordance with our instructions. We do not authorize these third parties to use or disclose the data unless it is required to render services on the behalf or to comply with the organization’s official requirements.

UPSers may additionally share the particular data we collect with the affiliates, franchisees, resellers, and joint purchasing partners. These corporations collectively transferred to in this certificate as “UPS Business Associates,” may use the data for the determinations described in this particular UPSers privacy policy.

The official UPSers may partake physical location data with the UPS business partners and additional third parties, for instance, to enhance location-based facilities and the relevant services to eventually develop accurate and up-to-date maps.

Gather Data

UPSers may store and supervise personal data (such as name, employee contact particulars, and the payment data) from the employee in connection with various activities. Check out the detailed particulars hereby:-

  • Usage of UPS websites and applications.
  • Shipping activities, inclusive of the delivery and acquisition of shipment details.
  • Tracking inquiries or returning to the questions with relevant solutions.
  • Events attended.
  • Elevations and other filmed offers.
  • Calls to client service and accounting centers.

Shipping Data as per the below-mentioned details:-

UPSers even collects details of the shipment, such as the sender and the name of the recipient and/or neighbor, physical address, and email address – mail, email, and the recovery contact number.

Information that supports us to more quickly access the places where we offer the service and data that is made accessible to us about the content of specific programs listed at